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Generally, printers using similar control panels use identical procedures. Thus we could deduce many methods from the ones that are recorded in the guides. We have no process for the old-style printers using single-digit model amounts

Service counsellor for HP printers which gives you excellent printer repair advice for most error messages, but there are omissions. This is particular problem, once the situation in question does not reflect reality. In such a case with the untrue “Card Slot Not Initialized” a mistake, we’ll show you the way to clear. “Card Slot Not Initialized,” is a reference to some for thing board plug-in accessory, where there are two types:

(1) SIMMs (Single In-Line Memory Modules) and DIMMs (Dual Inline Package) — little circuit boards containing firmware, memory, or fonts, or

(2) MIO or EIO cards — larger cards usually utilized to add ports (network, serial, etc.) into a printer, but which can also include items like hard disk drives. The hard disk is the only one of those accessories which require initialization typically. But, none of the clients who predicted LPT Technical Support with this problem had hard drives in their printers. Instead, we asked them to remove memory DIMMs, EIO cards, etc., and execute cold resets to try to clear the message.

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Except for a single instance (Laserjet 5000 printer — this model does not appear to get a hard disk initialization procedure), this solved the issue! Further confirmation was supplied when the same message popped up on a few of our testbeds, and also we could clean it by executing the procedure.

One possibility is that the printer initially had a hard disk set up, and has confused after the disc is removed. Whatever the cause, it’s clear that the initialization process will clear a”Card Slot Not Initialized” message whenever there’s not any hard disk to be formatted. However, many of those printer repair manuals do not list the procedure for initializing the hard disk drive.

However, those don’t use EIO hard drives anyway.

Most of the printers which have four-digit model numbers, EIO slots, along with a display panel (other than just lights) are listed in the table below, along with a key to the proper procedure. To summarize: when you see the message”Card Slot Not Initialized” in your printer’s display, do the hard disk initialization process even when there is no hard disk installed. It’s also worth noting that even though the first canon of trouble-shooting is to keep it simple,’ you will find instances to test things even though they don’t appear to create sense.


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